Aero Race Wheel 33 series Beadlocks 7" or 8"

Aero race wheel

$ 191.95 
SKU: ARW33-174520

This is a very low run-out beadlock that has our unique 7-hole D-window center disc made out of HSLA material. Our beadlocks are true 7”and 8”  widths. The inner and outer rings are CNC laser cut and use 16 zinc plated flange bolts. Mudcover tabs are incorporated into the inner ring to eliminate the need for welding. This series includes a mudcover installation kit

4 on 4 1/2 bolt pattern 2" offset

The 7" weigh 19 lbs. and the 8" weigh 21 lbs. 

* 4 on 4 will work on 4 on 100 mm if not using 5/8" studs but you will need to use over sized lug nuts. 

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