Impact Necks Gen Rev Head and Neck Restraint


$ 499.00 
SKU: IMP91000026

Weighing in at just over a pound, the Impact Rev exemplifies simplicity and ease; key factors in getting drivers to actually use their safety equipment! The REV features a padded comfort foam that rests on the Trapezius muscle rather than the clavicles (collarbones) allowing the load of an impact to be evenly diffused amongst the multiple load paths designed into the single tension neutralizing tethers. The proprietary, patent-pending design of the REV also reduces the incidence of injury to the chest or collarbones under impact. Studies have indicated that that it only takes seven to ten pounds of pressure to break a clavicle. Unlike other competitive devices that can potentially injure the collarbones and chest under stress, the REV has eliminated the interfering yoke and other unnecessary mass to provide a truly revolutionary safety system.

• Manufacturer's Certified to the SFI 38.1 Specification.
• Patent Pending Tension Neutralizing Tether Design Provides Superior Lateral and Frontal Support.
• Lightweight - Unnecessary Mass was Eliminated; Unit Weighs Just Over One Pound.
• Comfortable - No Interfering Yoke and also Features Padded Comfort Foam.
• Design - Allows for Quick Ingress and Egress from Race Vehicle.
• Ergonomic - Revolutionary Design Allows for Little to No Interference with Seat & Helmet.
• Superior Construction - Manufactured from DuPont's Carbon Fiber Composite Materials for Strength.
• Only Need One Device - Impact REV Works in Any Race Car and With Every Seat Angle.
• Made in the USA

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