Quick Car Ignition Control Panel With Single Accessory Switch ( checker flag or black)

Quick Car

$ 66.95 
SKU: QRP50022

Includes ignition switch, starter button, accessory switch and 2 pilot lights. For use with 50-200 or 50-201 wiring harness.This QuickCar Ignition Control Panel comes with a One Starter Button, One Ignition Switch and One Accessory Switch. Panel also comes with two switch Indicator Lights. Panel measures 4-5/8" Wide X" 4-3/8" High. Sold as one complete panel. QuickCar Ignition Control Panels are the products that gave QuickCar Racing Products an inroad to the racing industry. QuickCar brought to the market an ignition control panel far superior to the standard of that time and continues to lead the industry today. QuickCar ignition products include bridged double-pole switches, waterproof boots, and large gauge wires with heavy-duty connectors, allowing for better electrical conductivity and bulletproof reliability. All of QuickCar ignition control panels are prewired to connect directly to QuickCar heavy duty wiring harness. Quality components, along with QuickCar's proven track record, make QuickCar the leader in ignition control products. QuickCar Ignition Control Panels feature high current specially-wound copper wiring provides that provides superior performance. Each panel uses specially formulated high temperature (105°C) insulation that is impervious to acids, oils, and fuels. Extra thick connectors (.040) will not break and all connectors are professionally crimped and soldered for superior tensile strength (15,000 psi). All connections are insulated with shrink tubing instead of hard plastic insulators, which do not seal connection and often crack when crimped. All connectors are plated with pure 24K gold for improved current transfer and resistance to oxidation.

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