Quickcar 4 gauge panel (checker flag or black)

Quick Car

$ 289.95 
SKU: Qrp61-6021

This QuickCar 4-Gauge Panel Kit comes with QuickCar Gauges. Included are One Oil Pressure gauge (0-100 PSI Range), One Water Temperature Gauge (140-280 F Degree Range), One Fuel Pressure Gauge (0-15 PSI Range) and One Oil Temperature Gauge (140-280 F Degree Range). These are Mechanical Type Gauges. Gauge Warning Lights with sending units are also included and pre-wired to the gauges. Please note that Pressure Gauge Tubing Kits are not included and must be purchased separately. Fuel Pressure Isolator is also highly recommended. Panel measurements are 13-5/8" Wide X 4-1/2" High. Sold as One complete kit.

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