Van Alstine V100 Groover and S100 Siper combo

Van Alstine

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V Series technology – minimizes size, maximizes cutting capability
Handle-only convenience
Instant-on technology, plug it in and cut
Six power levels (Power to match the job, Fingertip controls)
Innovative blade holder, unobstructed visibility
Extreme precision and ease of use
Patented stabilizer design for consistent cutting depth
Perfect for section repairs and detailed grooves
Cuts grooves from 1/32" to 1/2" wide
The Van Alstine V100 offers a combination of convenience and control that is unmatched.

Convenience is the key word when describing the Van Alstine V100 Tire Groover. Using Van Alstine’s V-Series technology, the need for a control box and power cable was eliminated, and a tire groover with an unmatched combination of convenience and power was created. All the electronics are housed within the handle of this tool, yet amazingly, it is light and comfortable to use, making it extremely user-friendly and convenient to handle, transport and operate. With the ability to easily cut grooves up to ½" wide, this little giant provides a combination of convenience and power that has made it the choice groover in many situations.

Whether you are a racer who has to transport a lot of equipment and work in tight quarters, or you are a trucker who likes to keep a groover on hand, the V100 is a great choice.

Pick it up, pull the trigger and start cutting.

The V-style Head Assembly

The V100 comes equipped with a patented V-Style head assembly. This head assembly utilizes "V" technology which provides a level of control and ease of use that has become the new Van Alstine standard and has inspired the design of the new GV-V head assembly.

Precision is easy with a V-Style head assembly. With unobstructed visibility of the blade and the addition of a site guide, following an existing groove or making a new groove can easily be done with precision. It also allows the groover to smoothly glide across the tire’s surface while maintaining a consistent cutting depth, further enhancing its precision and overall cutting ability.

In addition, V-Style head assemblies incorporate an innovative blade-holding mechanism. Inserting, changing and adjusting blades is done easily and quickly. The V100 V-Style head assembly is compatible with all V-Series Blades. V-Series blades are sized 1/32" to ½" wide.

An unparalleled combination of control and convenience has made the V100 the top choice for section repairs on truck tires and is perfect for the racer looking for groove pattern effectiveness or the dirt biker looking for extra traction.

S100- Ergonomic Design
Fast – Sipes Easily with multiple blades
Holds up to Thirteen Blades
Variable Blade Spacing
Cuts Open Sipes & Small Grooves
Accurate – Cuts with Control & Visibility
Instant Blade Change and Adjustment

WHY the Van Alstine Design is Superior! The Van Alstine S-100 sipes faster, easier, and with more control than ever imaginable. Whether cutting simple sipes or creating complex siping patterns, the possibilities are unlimited. Cutting open sipes with our #1 siping blade allows an extremely thin strip of rubber to be removed, adding even more flexibility to the S-100 Siper. As an added bonus, the S-100 easily cuts small grooves, making this tool not only the perfect siper, but also an inexpensive but effective groover.

Van Alstine razor sharp blades are readily available and are sold 24 per pack.

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